From premises to portfolios

We are committed to making conveyancing transactions as smooth and seamless as possible by offering you an efficient service based on expert knowledge and experience. We are always mindful of the need to deliver competitive rates without compromising quality of service.

The key to building successful client relationships is communication. We will provide you with clear, honest advice at the most significant points of the process.

Our property department has extensive conveyancing experience ranging from the first time buyer, to the small business purchasing its first lease, right through to large organisations and multinational companies with complex portfolio requirements.

Specialist areas – at a glance: 
  • Purchase and sale of commercial freehold or long leasehold
  • Commercial lettings
  • Assignment of a commercial tenant’s interest (for either)
  • Landlord or tenant)
  • Adverse possession (“squatters’ rights”)
  • Boundary disputes
  • Rights of way and other easements
  • Insolvency-related property transactions


  • House purchases and sale
  • Re-mortgages
  • Adding people to, or removing them from, the Title
  • Adverse possession (“squatters’ rights”)
  • Boundary rectification/disputes
  • Buying the interest of a Trustee in Bankruptcy in the family
  • Home
  • Rights of way and other easements
  • Letting of dwellings

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