Napier & Sons Supports Age NI

Napier & Sons supports Age NI
With today’s aging population, set against a backdrop of a world which is becoming more and more obsessed with “how to stay young”, there is a real danger of older people getting ‘left behind’. All of our worlds are becoming faster paced and more technologically advanced than we could have imagined not long ago. With daily tasks, such as lodging money into a bank, paying for goods and even watching televisions, requiring passwords and ID verification, it is not difficult to imagine that the mere thought of going to a shop could invoke fear in some older members of our community.
In recognition of this, Napier & Sons is proud to say that it has chosen to support Age NI for 2016. We hope to do this by fundraising, profile-raising and advice-giving. Age NI is the leading charity in NI supporting older people. It delivers care services, provides advice and advocacy, and aims to influence decision-makers to improve later life for all of us. It tackles ageism, campaigns for money for older people to live in dignity and demands the quality of care that people in later life deserve.
We look forward to working with Age NI over the coming months. We have already started our fundraising campaign, with an Easter raffle, and are now looking forward to an Afternoon Tea event in Maryville Tea rooms at the end of June.

We hope that we can give advice where it is needed and raise the profile of this charity and of the often-forgotten group in our society. As Jennifer Yane aptly put it, inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened. With this in mind, we encourage you to join in our efforts by getting out there and volunteering in your local community or visiting an elderly relative or neighbour. Getting old is a fact of life. It will happen to us all, if we’re lucky.

Age NI

Napier & Sons staff – Kim and Martina – displaying the Age NI Easter Hamper

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