Lisa Sturgeon has 2nd edition of book published


Lisa Sturgeon, from the office, has recently had the second edition of her book, An Introduction to Business Law in Northern Ireland, published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.  First published in 2010, for this 2nd edition, Lisa has updated the text for all relevant developments in the law, particularly with regard to the legal system in Northern Ireland, commercial and consumer law, employment law and company law.

An Introduction to Business Law in Northern Ireland is a unique textbook, designed to provide a framework of relevant law for students whose primary areas of study are in business and accountancy. The text is written in a style that breaks down the complexities of the law in a simple and concise manner so that it can be easily understood by students preparing for either academic or professional examinations.

This book covers the core areas of law relating to the functions of modern business in Northern Ireland, namely: the law of contract, tort, commercial law, employment law and data protection, landlord and tenant law, planning and development law, as well as an introduction to the legal and court system in Northern Ireland. Company law and compliance, in particular, are covered extensively over five chapters on: company formation, company management, company directors and their duties, loan capital and insolvency, and shares and share capital.  Corporate governance and anti-money-laundering, some of the most topical and significant areas in contemporary business, are also examined.

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